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flies+flies are a London-based electronic avant-pop band whose core members are vocalist Dan Griffis and producer/experimental DJ Pet Rok. Their music sets Dan’s melancholic, romantic songs in increasingly strange, syncopated, dream-like settings. They are obsessed with soundtracking unsecured security cameras that they find on the internet – bleak, but containing the hope of the possibility of unexpected and wondrous happenings.

‘Threads’ is the 2nd single written on flies+flies residency at the No One’s Watching London club night earlier this year. ‘Threads’ represents a key shifting point in their recent live sets where the beats switch from subtly building, shuffling acid techno into a much heavier and stranger place. Over the top fly Dan Griffiths’ vocals with lyrics in full weird-ballad mode, narrating strange tails left for the listener to decipher. It’s an incredible track and we are excited to be premiering it here:



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