V by Papir

Release date: August 18, 2017
Label: Stickman Records

Do you know the saying, better late than never? Well, it applies to this review. When I was asked if I’d like to take on this review, it was already way after the release of the album had happened. Then other things came up and it kept on getting pushed back, however, it was always in the back of my mind and held that tiny space in my heart called regret for not getting this done sooner. It is truly a great album and should be heard by as many people as possible. So what album am I referring to and who is this incredible band? Well, the album is entitled; V and the band is called Papir.

Papir is a three-piece instrumental band from Copenhagen, Denmark. V was their first full-length album for Stickman Records. It was released on August 18, 2017, and is made up of seven tracks. The album is an hour and thirty-five minutes long but you would never know it. The flow of the album is so hypnotic and great that time seems to pass incredibly quickly.

‘V.I’ comes running towards me right off the bat. The drumming, the bassline and the guitar work are incredibly impressive. The tone of the track gave me a feeling of a laid-back summer day. All this and it’s only the first three minutes of the track! It’s an epic track, always shifting. It’s super trippy, so very trippy. The musicianship is extraordinary. A sonic wall builds and rises to reach its precipice. My stomach was literally doing flips upon my first listen. The band was in the zone. I can’t imagine hearing this track live.  Can this album get any better?

If definitely does get better and better. From ‘V.II’s driving feel to ‘V.III’s noisy salute to ‘V.V’s slow burn to ‘V.VII’s last reverb drenched breath, (you get the idea), this album is incredible from start to finish. I can’t stress enough the musicianship of these three musicians. Their timing and inventiveness on each of the tracks off this album are quite extraordinary.

V is imaginative, emotive and transcends both time and space when listening to it. If Papir were an island, I would want to live there.

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