Strontium Highway by Opossum Sun Trail

Release date: May 13, 2019
Label: Self-Released

Dieter, Nola and the ever-changing cast of players known to some as the Opossum Sun Trail are back for a third round, this time on a Strontium Highway. A neat trick this time around – everybody tries to have their albums released by Friday, right before a weekend. OST go for Sunday, right as the weekend is about to end when all the debauchery, drinking, and ‘medication’ intake starts to wear off. Just to keep that high still a bit longer. Just a guess.

Again, the collective makes sure that OST, the band’s acronym has that double meaning with the original soundtrack. They again make that desert sand and sun, Spaghetti Western sound their focus, and again, they don’t disappoint.


This time around, the vocals come a bit to the forefront, going down the steps taken by their Arizona counterpart Howe Gelb and his ever-changing musical cast, solo or with Giant Sand. On this album OST are in a more energetic mood, like on the ‘Wray Gun’ or on a ramshackle Western ride, like Gelb was on Giant Sand’s Long Stem Rant, on the title track, or the real heavy reverb psych trip of the ‘Interior Designer Psychic’, and like there, it works, works really well! But then, so does the slow, spaced out ‘Juniper Mirage’.

Whoever joins OST core here either knows their sound well or fits in with no problem, and like those sand dunes in which the band seems to find their constant inspiration, the sound keeps shifting, either through a sandstorm or through slow minutiae shifts of a breeze, of course, with the sun shining on incessantly, both movements evident here on tracks like ‘Creosote’.

So Strontium Highway steps on the same trail through the sand, but you can never make the exact same steps in the desert even if you wanted to, and again, Opossum Sun Trail make new shifts in their steps. All you can end up with on that trail is some sand in your mouth. Just watch you don’t swallow it, it might have some strange substances within.

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