Album reviews…you never have enough time in the world for them do you? The sheer velocity in which new releases hit your inbox everyday simply leaves you swimming in a sea of sound, grabbing and hoping that your chosen victim will be the one that lights up your world. Unfortunately some get missed along the way, but fear not, here at Echoes & Dust we do try to fit in as much as possible.

Which leads us to our inaugural column for the psychedelic genre. OK, it’s a disparate genre, but we make the rules here so decide what fits, and then invariably fall out over what psych actually is. Regardless to say though, the music you will find in this column will go some way to blowing your mind, making you trip balls, or simply take you out of your body for a little while and lay you down on some transcendent ocean of calm.

Cracked Machine – The Call of the Void

Not that Cracked Machine have any intentions of bringing the calm, and with their sophomore album The Call Of The Void, they have created a tumultuous beast of a record which straddles the line between instrumental heavy psych and post-rock (awaits consternation from Editor over genre description…).

Quite frankly, the album deserves much more than a few lines in this column but every-time you settle down to listen to it you get so swept away by the drama of it all, that any words fail to come to mind. Suffice to say, it is an album of breathless intensity, and highly recommended for all lovers of psych and instrumental rock.

Damo Suzuki & Minami Deutsch – Live At Roadburn

Dropping into something altogether more weirder, and legend Damo Suzuki joins excellent krautrockers Minami Deutsch for a live set taken from Roadburn. It’s a bit of an odd one this, and doesn’t really go anywhere which is a shame as on paper this collaboration should be something special.

The three live tracks kind of drift past you in a haze of rambled nonsense from our main man and anyone who has seen him pop up on his travels to (probably) play with every band in the world, you’ll get the idea. If we’re being honest though this is one for the dedicated fan and you might be better of sticking with the two superb studio releases from Minami Deutsch.

Thee Oh Sees – The Cool Death of Island Raiders

A quick round-up of some re-releases and it seems Thee Oh Sees, or whatever they are calling themselves these days, are on a re-issue mission to bring back some long-deleted albums

This is great news and if ever a band required a career retrospective it is these (Note to Editor…maybe we should do this). Be warned though, as if your only experience with the band is through their more recent releases, you may struggle with The Cool Death of Island Raiders, which is a much more lo-fi recording, and rather shambling in parts. It’s a curious releases, but as with all their albums, plays a definite part in their trajectory.

Sex Blender – Hormonizer

Also hitting the re-release train is Sex Blender, and questionable name aside, they are actually prime exponents of some rather exciting kraut driven psych rock.

Picked up by Drone Rock Records for a now sold out vinyl release, it is worth checking out Discogs or Bandcamp or where-ever to bag yourself a copy of this. Hormonizer is one of the better releases this year, and we look forward to what comes next from them.

Tengger – Segye 

Thats it for this month, but before we go we cannot leave without giving the final words over to Tengger. The Pan-Asian family have been causing quite a stir within the psychedelic fraternity with their drone-laden sounds and with that comes increased exposure.

First up has been the remarkable Segye which wraps it’s warm drones around your body and elevates you to a sublime state of calm. Not content with blowing our minds with this, news is that another release Spiritual has just been released on vinyl through Extra Noir and if that is not enough, Spiritual 2, is now out for order too.

Grab one quick as it will undoubtedly sell out, other-wise grab the files. You wont be disappointed. Until next time…farewell from the psychedelic zone…

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