Vodun are without doubt one of the most exciting metal bands around right now so we are really excited to be able to bring you a new version of the ‘Ascend’, the title track of their 2nd album that came out at the back end of last year and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a live video taken from their sold out album launch show in London, courtesy of our good pals Chaos Theory that showcases what a spectacle these guys are. 

“‘Ascend’ came together by merging slightly off kilter guitar riffs with drum accents to really punch home the rhythms for the chorus and second verse. The vocal stying was a little unusual for us, as the first verse was completely stripped back to give way to the lower end vocals (of which I don’t normally use), and the break down actually had all of us singing a simple phrase in harmony to accent the percussion.

I think working with Tom was exciting as he allowed us the freedom to explore the recording of percussion as we’d never really done much of it before. With him being so open & good at recording a talking drum over metal, it was right on the money at laying the way for our development in that area.

The song has since developed for the live show, as we ran with exploring more percussive sounds, hence the use of Anselmo Netto (Ibibio Sound Machine), who’s an awesome percussionist, and Oliver Sellwood (A Sweet Niche) and his great baritone Sax & the percussive sounds he’s able to create with it. The show was intense & insane, and better for all the additional musicians who had generously donated their time and talent to create an aural & visual spectacle for that night.” says vocalist Chantal Brown (Oya) about the track.

Start you week off right & get this in your face.



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