Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) by Chris Lastovicka

Release date: April 12, 2019
Label: Ahari Press

In current musical terms, when an album carries a subtitle of Remixed, the first thing that comes to mind is that the compositions have been thoroughly worked through, often completely overhauled and almost unrecognizable compared to the original, with all the electronic bells and whistles. All done by different artists, with a singular input from the original artist. And the whole project comes out along with the original album, or close by time-wise, a year or so at most.

However, that is not what the modern classical composer Chris Lastovicka had in mind with the “remixed” version of the album Fortune Has Turned. First of all, the original title under that name was recorded as far back as 2005, and as then, Lastovicka had all the musical cards in hand. Secondly, the concept of “remix” seems to be quite literal, I guess, in the original meaning of the term – all the original concepts behind the compositions are there, so are the instrumentation and vocals where they previously existed.

What Lastovicka did, it seems, is think thoroughly about the music recorded and how it can be reinvented. Here, Lastovicka even changed the running order of the compositions. In the end, it was completely right!


Where the original Fortune Has Turned is a very good, solid set of modern classical compositions in the vein of other, more prominent of Lastovicka’s contemporaries like Max Richer or Johan Johansson, this remixed version is even more focused, tightened up, with different musical accents given to instrumentation and vocals giving it more punch and effect.

With the new version, Lastovicka was also able to give the music not only the spiritual, but also a somewhat moody undercurrent that seems to have been initially intended. Even the new running order gives the music a more unified sense, as the music just keeps continuously flowing from piece to piece. The two more brief compositions here, ‘The 7th Chapter of Job’ and ‘The End of Tyranny’, that open and close the album are particularly impressive.

The initial Fortune Has Turned didn’t make much of a splash, hopefully, this remixed version will.

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