Down Below by Alice Tambourine Lover

Release date: March 23, 2019
Label: Go Down Records

The psychedelic resurrection is still going strong, and Italy seems to be breeding some outstanding talent in that respect. Vocalist Alice Albertazzi and guitarist Gianfranco Romanelli, aka Alice Tambourine Lover, are a prime example.

Down Below is the Bologna duo’s fourth album, and what can be heard here will certainly make psych lovers, particularly those that like the folky side of psych, search the other three too. What the duo has done is take their cues from the late Eighties, early Nineties faves, particularly Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies, Mojave 3, but also the inimitable Meat Puppets and given them yet another dose of a psych atmosphere, particularly through Romanelli’s guitar sounds and sonic embellishments.


While you can certainly reference both Hope Sandoval and Margo Timmins in Albertazzi’s vocals, she uses the two vocalists as some sort of a mood reference and does not attempt to imitate either.

That gives the best tracks here, like ‘Blow Away’ and ‘Into The Maze’ an additional spark, making the duo’s sound quite personal and recognisable. The latter track, as well as say, ‘Train’ show the folky roots from which Alice Tambourine Lover obviously stem from. While ‘Rubber Land’ takes cues from both early Pink Floyd and the late sixties/early Seventies California stream of country rock.

Still, the duo’s best tracks here (frankly, hard to pick) are the ones where they roll along in a more languid pace, like the two closers, mentioned ‘Train’ and ’Surround You’.

In essence, on Down Below Alice Tambourine Lover (presumably the singer herself) are able to assimilate all their influences very smoothly and come up with an album you can keep your windows open to as the weather is getting better.

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