MindStreamBlessing by Prana Crafter

Release date: March 11, 2019
Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Following on from last years superlative Enter The Stream album, the ever excellent Cardinal Fuzz have now reissued previous Prana Crafter album MindStreamBlessing on glorious multicoloured vinyl. With the addition of two extra tracks to push up the running time, it really is a good time to be a fan of William Sol’s music.

Unlike Enter The Stream which interspersed instrumental tracks with vocal led tracks, MindStreamBlessing is a purely instrumental venture, and with that comes a much more heady atmosphere. Again recorded within the woodlands of Washington, the displacement caused by nature seeps into each of these tracks like some mercurial beast, forever itching at your different moods, and opening neural pathways into your mind.

Its an album which washes over you and from the start of ‘At Agartha’s Gate’ you are aware that you may be going on something of a trip. By the time you reach the mellow ‘FingersFlowThroughOldSkokRiver’ you may even feel part of nature as the surroundings take hold. Will Sol is an unusual musician who, alongside the typical guitar, also chooses to use instruments which eke out the corners of the four winds that flow through the woods. Singing bowls invite you in to a heavy haze of melancholic psychedelia, whilst over the top the ghost of Jerry Garcia looms large within the defined tones of the guitar. A self confessed Deadhead, Sol channels that spirit throughout the music here.

Throughout it all there is a sense of meditative calm brought on by the relaxed nature of the playing. Take the finger-picked beginning of ‘Mycelial Morphohum’ which lulls you in, but, as with nature, it unpredictably rises to a brief flurry of action. It’s also the closest we get to a vocal track as hushed words are spoken within the background. ‘Luminous Clouds’ takes us up into the sky in a rare moment of explosive flight, bursting out of the warm enclosure of the forest to seek pastures new. What we find is a turbulent majesty as the guitar soars higher and higher.

There is something quite special about a Prana Crafter release, and to get this album on vinyl is a rather wonderful thing. Mastered by Chris Hardman, the music punches a hole into your psychedelic mind, and fills it with peace and calm. If music was medication then MindStreamBlessing would certainly be the antidote to many of our woes. It may not have that immediate impact of Enter The Stream, but it provides a vital link in understanding the joy and wonder that Will Sol gets from creating music. For the psych fan, it truly is a something to have music is marvellous as this.

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