Cracked Machine are back with the eagerly awaited follow up to 2017’s I, Cosmonaut. The absolutely superb (believe us, we’ve heard it!) new album The Call Of The Void comes out on April 12th through PsyKa Records and ahead of that we are premiering the first track to be taken from it, ‘Jormungandr’.

“We always wanted this album to be about a single concept which we could explore from different angles, so we went for the big one; the destruction of the planet we live on. This got us searching for a metaphor to hang the music on and we found similar stories appearing in the myths of different cultures throughout history, all related to a common theme, the fear of the unknown and the inbuilt human drive to destroy that which we fear. With album opener ‘Jormungandr’ we wanted to set our stall out from the first note. I think of it as the overture to the album like an invitation to join us on an exploration of this theme, maybe with a certain amount of trepidation but hopefully with an element of excitement, possibly with a hint of that primal fear. If we have made an album which stirs emotion and where the listener can find new responses with each listen, then we’ve done our job.” says Bill from the band.

See for yourselves & give this a listen.


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