Every now & then you come across an artist who, upon listening, you can only ask yourself “where has this been all my life?”. Julinko is one such artist. The music is dense, doomy and intense, the vocals powerful and soaring. There are obvious comparisons to artists like Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle, and fans of those acts should definitely check this out, but also to the doomgaze of bands like Palehorse/Palerider and Spotlights. 

The album, Nèktar,is released on April 15 on vinyl and tape via Toten Schwan Records and Stoned to Death Records and ahead of that we are very excited to bring you a taster in the form of the track ‘Death And Orpheus’. Julinko says “‘Death and Orpheus’ is a song about love, death and the connection between them. When I wrote this song I was living a crazy tomented period striving to stay close to the person I love, who was getting lost into depression and madness after a particular experience he had had. I identified with and reinterpet the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, to talk about the instinct to follow and save this person till the point I was risking death and madness myself. I see love as a sweet contagious illness that makes you live the most extreme experiences and pass through the darkest pathways to express its full force.” of the track. We say it’s an absolute belter. Get this in your ears.

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