Acid On Acid by Ewa Justka

Release date: January 23, 2019
Label: New York Haunted

Yessssss!! Proper taste the lasers, brain melt, acid wonk to put a manic grin on your happy idiot face. Damn, but it feels a long time since I heard any techno that was actually exciting, you know? The appropriately named Acid On Acid is a full strength four track of gnarly acid jams cranked out by sonic explorer Ewa Justka on her own home made gear.

Intense and invigorating it does not hang about, jumping feet first into the pounding bass of ‘I Think I’m Having A Panic Attack’ it swarms and gurns like a team of circuit bent appliances having a collective meltdown. It overloads, overheats and cuts dead into the opening loop of ‘Acid on Acid’. A quick breathing space before the bass booms back and the track tips into a nausea edged head rush, a wriggling swarm of acid lines. Always the heart pounding sense there’s too much happening and you can’t get your breath. The steadily escalating anxiety of ‘Hammer This Down’, twists into car alarm rave before it calms down a bit and goes for a little wander. Have a sit down? Nah. ‘5th’ starts out with some Aphex-y plonking but soon turns into a meltdown of heart racing wonkiness that pushes the pace harder and faster to the point of absurdity.

Modern music is exhausting isn’t it? New York Haunted is one of a number of great labels I can’t even keep up with these days. Not that I was really trying all that hard, I wasn’t in the mood for techno all that much last year, seemed like it was all going a bit ‘earnest men are in love with their machines’ dull. It didn’t make me think and it didn’t make me want to dance either. Maybe it was just me, music comes and goes sometimes.

This can’t get its ideas out fast enough, tripping over them spluttering – it tickles your brain but it also makes you want to hear it raging on the dancefloor, all your muscles tensed, your eyes burning like suns and everything rushing through you. It’s like cerebral gabber, if such a thing were possible. Acid on Acid, corrosive, hallucinatory, excellent.

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