Haze County by Crypt Trip

Release date: March 8, 2019
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

More Southern style boogies than the doom rock you might expect from a band called Crypt Trip, they are the kind of band who seem to get lost in the myriad of stoner bands out there. This is a shame really, as whilst they may not exactly push the cause of music forward in anyway, Crypt Trip are a great little band who have carved a great niche for themselves within their retro confines. With new album Haze County picked up by the Heavy Psych Sounds label, hopefully their name will get known a little more.

This is an album of neat little jams which beg to be played on a hot day, probably with a couple of joints and a bottle of bourbon to help you along the way. It’s festival music, made for tie-dyed tee’s and lazy afternoons in a field. In fact, Crypt Trip may well be that archetypal afternoon slot which always gets people moving.

Moving is what they do best whether its the energetic romp of ‘To Be Whole’ or the twitchy funk of ‘Death After Life’. There are no greater themes other than just enjoying life in the moment and with that, a sense of urgency to their music which keeps everything going at a fair old pace. ‘Free Rain’ take a shot at the blues whilst ‘Wordshot’ takes a leap at the anthemic, and pretty much pulls it off too. All of the above is encapsulated in the Black Crowes riffing ‘Gotta Get Away’, which closes the album with some panache.

Unlikely to change the way you think about music, that’s not really the point though. If you want a good time and relive some of the 70’s excitement then Crypt Trip are the band for you. They have a vitality about them which makes them stand out from the crowd and if Greta Van Fleet can make it big then there should be no reason this lot cant get a look in. Of course, this music is ten a penny at the moment, and much of it sub-standard. It’s good to see one band rise above it all and deliver something quite fresh. Hardly earth-shattering, but good form indeed.

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