Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats at Electric, Brixton

Support: Blood Ceremony
January 26, 2019 at Electric, Brixton
Promoter: Live Nation

It’s a good turnout for Canadians Blood Ceremony, who open tonight’s proceedings with their fine blend of retro-esque occult-tinged hard rock. Their tight grooves have an effective simplicity while the keyboards blend in for added smooth textures. Nothing is over played, including the flute which is smartly used for ear-pleasing flourishes. It develops into a fine set and voices of approval grew consistently louder as their 35 minutes-ish set progressed, which left this reviewer, and many in attendance, wanting more.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have come a long way from their studio-based project beginnings, and nothing demonstrates this more than the opening rip-through of  ‘I See Through You’ from 2018’s critically applauded, and arguably career-best, Wasteland album. All dressed in black, backs initially turned on the audience, as dazzling strobe lights, and a moving horror-flick-themed band logo backdrop culminate in an immensely impressive opening.

It’s a stylish entry, which predicts the band have the means and vision to cope with any potentially larger staged venues in the future if their stock continues to rise (a rather rammed Electric venue nearly borders on the uncomfortable). A set consisting of an even sprinkling of songs across their five albums – ‘Dead eyes of London’, ‘Death’s Door’, ‘Mt Abraxas’, ‘Mind Crawler’, ‘Waiting for Blood’, ‘Melody Lane’, ‘Shockwave City’, ‘Blood runner’ – provides ample evidence they have nailed the if Slade-were-a-bunch-of-stoners sound as undeniably their own, which is a remarkable feat in-itself.

As well as setting a themed horror-flick mood, they use other non-strobe lights effectively, while moments of synchronised rocking-out add extra visual entertainment beyond Kevin Starrs bent over his guitar like an Angus Young stuck in cement.

Although each album represented has a slight variation in sound and theme, the only disappointment of tonight’s set-list is it doesn’t quite have the variety of mood and tone to follow the staggering opening onslaught; so the post hour mark felt slightly overlong. But, pedantic quibble to one side, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are notching up an enthusiastic following, and this eye-catching performance will enhance their standing even further.


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