Eorpe by Skraeckoedlan

Release date: February 15, 2019
Label: Fuzzorama Records

Skraeckoedlan have made a career out of their monster sized riff-filled music, and as self-purporting science fiction rockers, they often sound like gleeful Godzilla stomping down Tokyo in a fit of mosh pit fuzz. No on their third album, Eorþe, they take a slightly more progressive outlook with their output and aim for the cinematic.

Along the way something gets lost though. In the past, the band have always had an excitable spirit as they ween their way through their albums. Here on Eorþe, they sound clumpy, as the fuzz takes on a dull monotone sound. The passion is there, yet by trying to expand their sound they fall on the side of boring. It’s unfortunate, as you can tell where Skraeckoedlan are trying to get too.


It’s not all doom and gloom though, with the tremendous ‘Creature of Doggerland’ displaying a great knack at switching between full on fuzz and melodic interludes. ‘Mammutkungens Barn’ plays of a funky beginning to lead into something much more inviting than the wall to wall riffs. When the band do play it cool, they show their innate ability at creating some rather fun music.

Fun is what’s missing though, and what made part of the Skraeckoedlan experience so exciting. There’s nothing wrong with this album, and the discerning fuzz rocker will find much too love. If you go in expecting more of what came before though, be prepared for moments of rather earnest rock which ultimately lets the side down. Maybe we can class it as a turning stone for the band, who are preparing to expand into a giant rock act. Let’s hope they do as they have previously shown themselves to be worthy leaders of the fuzz scene. Just next time, drop the earnestness a little bit.

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