Ghostly White by Deceased

Release date: November 16, 2018
Label: Hells Headbangers

Death metal legends Deceased return with new album Ghostly White and demonstrate exactly why they are so highly thought of within the catacombs of the extreme metal underground. The band’s mix of prime death metal savagery with more thrashier and traditional heavy metal elements as well as a knowledge and love of horror movie lore interspersed into their music has led them to create a series of well loved albums albums especially the classic Supernatural Addictions.

Despite a long seven year lay off between their last album Surreal Overdose and Ghostly White, it seems like the albums could have been released months apart such is that timeless Deceased sound and they seem to have found the perfect home to release their eighth album within the quality realms of Hells Headbangers.

Ghostly White, however, is shrouded in sadness with the passing of longtime drummer David ‘Scarface’ Castillo shortly before the albums release, but it is testament to his drumming ability that he puts in a brilliant performance on his final recording and Ghostly White serves as both a fitting tribute and lasting legacy to his drumming skill.

The chilling opening song ‘Mrs Allardyce’ is straight up heavy metal worship with that classic horror movie vibe that the band have alway done so well and it is clear from the off that is prime Deceased and what follows is nothing but over the top and unashamed metal that enthralling from start to finish. The songs on Ghostly White are well crafted and lengthy paeans to the darker side of life that fly by in a rush of deathly riffs and rhythms, centered around one of the best metal voices of all time.

Deceased frontman King Fowley sounds as good as ever with his commanding vocals on songs like the deathly ‘To Serve The Insane’ and the thrash attack of ‘The Shivers’ and cements his status in the upper echelon of metal vocalists. His distinctive tones undoubtedly bring the tales of horror to life but he is aided and abetted by a killer selection of musicians alongside Castillo including breathtaking performances from guitar players Mike Smith and Shane Fuegel that include an array of razor sharp riffs and mind blowing solos. Tracks like ‘Thoughts From A Leaking Brain’ and the closing frenzy of ‘Pale Surroundings’ are perfect examples of epic metal anthems and will delight head banging fans across the globe eager to hear the sound of Deceased and this album won’t disappoint at all.

Ghostly White marks the triumphant return of Deceased and despite the tragedy that preceded it, it is hoped that they will return again with more of the deathly thrashing metal that they do best, until then, put Ghostly White on, turn it up loud and revel in the triumph of the band’s timeless death and horror obsessed metal sound.

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