Zero Fucks by Helicon

Release date: January 11, 2019
Label: Fuzz Club Records

Helicon seem to be a fan of the EP format, with Zero Fucks, being yet another after their debut album finally arrived last year, providing Fuzz Club Records with another slice of primal, drone-fuelled psych. At three songs it is something of a short listen, but each track bears all the hallmarks of a Helicon track. Explosive, exploratory and intense, they pervade your sense like a battering ram.

‘Phil Mitchell’d’ literally sounds like you are being beaten by the proverbial Eastenders character whilst dosed up on acid. It’s a freewheeling bludgeoning of riffs which careen through ever increasing psychotropic circles, a never-ending train of sound pulling you ever forward into its devastating vortex. Now if only Eastenders would rewrite Phil Mitchell along these lines and we can all get back to enjoying a good old BBC mindwarp at 7:30 each day.

Helicon take a much more measured approach with second track ‘Come On Get Off’ which leaves a halcyon haze with its industrial cinematic sound. It’s a majestic track which begs to be played alongside videos of cityscapes and as the underlying melodic notes seep out of the drone-like fever, it lends itself an oriental tinged approach. Nothing overtly original, but as this is Helicon it simply sounds like the end of the world.

‘I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You’ has a more emotional core within itself, and proves that amongst the noise of the previous tracks lies a band who very much portray a human approach to their music. It’s a world apart from the prior Phil Mitchelling or the drift over cityscapes, but retains a sense of intensity within its foundations. As the quiet opening evolves into a groove filled riff, interspersed with explosions of rhythms, it revisits that oriental feel in a much more elaborate way.

Released as a stop-gap and so they have some new songs to put into their set-list Zero Fucks is a curt reminder that Helicon are a band to remain resolutely aware of. Whether their next release will be yet another EP or a new album, we will have to see, but in the meantime we have three tracks of intense joy to tide us over and keep our appetites satiated.

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