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Antre will release their debut album, Void, via Withered Hand Records on February 22nd, 2019.

The black metal 5-piece band from Nottingham, UK take their name from the old English word for cave or cavern and self-recorded the tracks that make up Void in an old church. The band pull on threads from death metal, thrash and hardcore, and weave them into a dense back drop of black metal to create a claustrophobic and intense atmosphere. Antre is born from – and exists – in the place we all retreat to in moments of despair. The lyrical concepts explored on Void draw from stories and narratives that evoke feelings of internal human darkness and destruction. Those claustrophobic thought patterns are punctuated by moments of clear reflection, expressed in the stripped back, acoustic tracks. 

Featuring members of Crumbling Ghost, Pombagira and Megalodoom, Antrehave a DIY ethos that underpins their band activities. Even the cover artwork was created by guitarist, Chris, who scratched the paint into the canvas to symbolise falling into the darkest of places.

Check out their new video for ‘Tyrant’ below. The band comments: “Tyrant is a short, sharp statement of intent, feeding on humanity’s destructive nature to deliver a bolt of cold metal into the face of 2019. The video was created ourselves, filmed in the dark at legendary Nottingham practice and recording space Stuck on a Name using the Encyclopaedia of Witchcraft and Demonology for visual inspiration.”


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