Of Hellions & Harridans by Juniper Grave

Release date: December 7, 2018
Label: Wasted State Records

The Edinburgh music scene always has had its ups and downs, going from very vibrant phases with loads of good gigs and touring bands visiting the city, to phases where you can go for weeks without being able to see any bands of interest unless you are willing to jump on the train or bus to Glasgow. However, despite a fluctuating live scene Edinburgh has been producing a number of great bands with loads of talent over the last couple of years. Just to name a few, Barshasketh, Haar, Hair of the Dog, Half Formed Things, King Witch and Dvne have been making a name for themselves in their respective musical scenes, and this is only a small handful of the talented bands in Scotland’s capital city.

Based on their debut album Of Hellions & Harridans, we can now add Juniper Grave to this list as well. Relatively new to the local scene, Juniper Grave brings the occult doom rock to Edinburgh in a very impressive style. As a band they’ve not been around for long, mostly playing local Edinburgh gigs and a couple of noticeable support slots in Glasgow. But based on the quality of their debut album Of Hellions & Harridans it will only be a matter of time before their name will gradually spread to all corners in the UK and beyond.

Of Hellions & Harridans has 7 tracks, and every single one of them is an absolute banger. I’ve had this album on near repeat over the last couple of weeks, and it’s a sign of a great album and great songwriting skills when each track creates its own earworm in your head. Especially third track ‘Daughter of the Waves’ is an instant classic doom rock hit, which reminds me in parts of Church of the Cosmic Skull, who Juniper Grave have supported in the past.

It’s not just the strong songwriting skills that makes this album great, it’s the strong vocal performance by Jenni that really push this album into the higher realms. I first came across Jenni as guest vocalist on Dvne’s impressive album Asheran (on the track ‘Edenfall’), and after seeing her perform this track live at Dvne’s album launch show I knew she had a great set of lungs and fantastic vocal chords. It’s great to see this coming to its full right over the course of these 7 tracks.

All in all, another band Edinburgh should be proud of and should embrace and cherish. I bet you won’t be able to put Of Hellions & Harridans away once it has dug its way into your brain. Of Hellions & Harridans will be released on December 7th, so grab a copy of this through local Edinburgh label Wasted State Records, not just for the excellent tunes, but as an added bonus also for the amazing artwork by Sarah Bramley.

Catch the band live in December at one of these dates:

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