Whatever We Probably Already Had It by Frog

Release date: November 30, 2018
Label: Audio Antihero

Somebody had to do it! Whatever style comes around in what we call rock or modern music, whichever way you put it, somebody always has to try and at least chip in their two cents on how they see that musical concept.

This time around two guys from Queens who call themselves Frog had the knack to pick up where Guided By The Voices, Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout started losing their way, from making sloppy, lo-fi, brief as possible, but melodically brilliant and challenging pop filtered through the binoculars focused through that tiny hole in your garage, trying to see what’s up outside.

So here are Danny Bateman (vocals/guitar) and Tom White (drums/bass) with  Whatever We Probably Already Had It, their second album proper (their debut King of Blah came out in 2015), cramming into 20 minutes or so (and that includes a few seconds of the opening ‘Frog Lives!’ chant) as many pop/rock melodies and a few riffs to boot as you can in that garage full of extra freezers, camping equipment and various tools.

Their instrumental skills actually don’t matter, although they are no way as near as being sloppy, it is their way with hook and melody in numbers like ‘American’ and ‘Journey to the Restroom’  that should be admired, because they come from one place and go all over the same, without losing the head they started out with.

As true New Yorkers, there is that Velvet Underground-like somewhere in there, most audible in the closer ‘Don’t Tell Me Where You’re Going’, but the duo are able to incorporate whatever they picked up without the listener being able to exclaim, ok, this is where they got this from! Even more so, none of the seven (real) tracks lose focus or a great melody line, all wrapped in the Frog’s idea that the whole album should have a live, in the neighborhood feel.

Possibly, one of the briefest, under the radar gems of 2018.

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