The Old Guys by Amy Rigby

Release date: November 30, 2018
Label: Southern Domestic Records

These days, for somebody who has been around in music for decades, and has come up with some quality music, Amy Rigby comes up with The Old Guys, her sixth solo album, but still deserves a reminder. For years, it seemed that Amy was lost in action.  It’s been some twelve years after her last solo album  (Little Fugitive) and eight since her joint covers album with Wreckless Eric. Even more so, she’s actually been on the scene since the mid-Eighties as a member of cult outfits The Last Roundup and The Shams.

So it’s been a while, but with The Old Guys, Amy proves that she has not lost her touch. Coming over as a cross of rocking pop of the db’s (Will Rigby’s her former husband’s ex-band) and Aimee Mann, Bruce Springsteen and Americana strain done by Lucinda Williams, Rigby proves, that if you’ve got the melodic touch, you can hardly lose it.

All those musical elements can be heard in the introductory ‘From philiproth@gmail to’ a song with a seemingly convoluted title but a single potential that can garner Rigby some serious ‘rock radio’ airplay. Like elsewhere on the album, Rigby hits that melody groove and ringing guitar drive that is a mark of any good cross of pop/rock/Americana.

It seems that Rigby also had in mind the fact that she hasn’t been heard of in a while, so she presents her whole range in the first few songs of the album. ‘Are We Still There Yet’ is one of the strongest tracks on the album, ranging from balladry to rock and back, a song that Williams, Mann, or say Liz Phair would be proud to have written.

‘Back To Amarillo’ is what a ‘standard’ ballad should sound like, and from there on, through the title track and say, ‘Robert Altman’, Rigby keeps the standard, showing that after all these years she has neither lost her composing nor performing touch.

With The Old Guys, Amy Rigby shows that ‘standard rock’ is neither gone nor faded if you come up with enough quality and inventiveness to hold the torch. Glad to have her back.

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