I first discovered U.S. Christmas through 2011’s The Valley Path; a 40 minute, single track opus that covers ground from psych to post metal to prog and folk. It’s a stunning piece of work and I heartily recommend you check it out if you are unfamiliar with it.

After that they’ve released nothing, so I had no choice but to go back & consume their back catalogue; all of which is excellent. And now, somewhat counter intuitively, they’ve added to that catalogue by reaching in to their deepest past and releasing the first album they recorded together, Prayer Meeting.

Prayer Meeting  has been rediscovered, professionally remastered, and found its home in a ltd series of handmade and firebranded wooden boxes at Hypershape Records. Each box will be strictly unique and different from the previous one and will contain postcards and special gifts of nature collected by Nate himself on the Appalachian mountains, and a luxury 8-panel digipack.

An honest and sincere record, it represents how the USX path started back in the days.

It is released tomorrow (Nov 23rd) and ahead of that we have the complete record for you to wrap your ears around.


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