Serve by WorldService Project

Release date: April 27, 2018
Label: RareNoiseRecords

It’s been a good while since I’ve delved into the RareNoise label. And it’s been way overdue. Since their 2016 release of For King & Country, WorldService Project are still one of my favorite bands that combine the styles of avant-jazz, punk, chaos, and eruptive cannon blasts that are waiting to happen.

So, if you think they’re going to pull some Kenny G nonsense, guess again. Their second RareNoise release and fourth studio album shows that the band have more explosives that are ready to erupt at any second that will make you get ready to be served. Recorded last year in October at Konk Studios in London, Serve is a big giant juicy steak that is cooked well made for the five-piece to raise even more hell again this year. So let’s get down to some of the tracks that are some of the centerpieces that are on WorldService Project’s follow-up.

‘Dai Jon Bo’ starts with this blaring crescendo that blares both the sax and trombone before the chanting of the title-track three times. It suddenly becomes a cat-and-mouse game between the reverbs of Tim Ower and Raphael Clarkson as they go into a quiet scenario before going into some gigantic roars that is beastly and very dangerous.


‘The Tales of Mr. Giggles’ is WorldService’s answer to both Mike Patton and Mr. Bungle. It’s like going through the brain of this madmen’s personality and his dark side by going through a speaker as if they’re honoring Tom Waits’ guest appearance to Primus’ ‘Tommy The Cat’, but with some asylum-like tones.

The trombones and sax do this Van Der Graaf Generator-sque like riff introduction to tip their hat to David Jackson on ‘Now This Means War’ before this spoken-word dialogue as if responding to the people who are at the gates that are ready to risk their lives that are now ready to be prepare to go into the battlefield. It is spoken through various languages as the enemies rev up their engines to raise some hell with Pope’s pounding drums, Morecroft’s fuzztone organ, and odd time signatures, shows that they have come back for seconds.

‘Plagues with Righteousness’ is the cars getting ready to start their engines up to drive down for more killer time signatures that can be off the wall for the first minute and twenty seconds. Then the five-piece takes you underneath the sewers as Dave, Tim, and Raphael go for some hot and spicy Bloody Mary’s before heading back to the surface for more adventures with some pounding sections that is going into interstellar overdrive like you never expected.

Then it slows down for some relaxations for the quintet going into some sort of Frank Zappa-sque style by tipping their toes into the water between ‘Watermelon in Easter Hay’ and ‘Dog Breath, in the Year of Plague.’ Well, what can I say about WorldService Project’s new album? Hands down another return for the five-piece to get the ammunitions up and running by making sure that it’s ready for some loud rapid firing.

Since I was introduced to their music thanks to Sid Smith’s Podcasts from the Yellow Room, and the world of RareNoiseRecords, WorldService Project’s Serve is a deliciously cooked meal that is mixed with both tabasco and wasabi sauce, done right.

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