Progressive rock instrumentalists Gösta Berlings Saga from Stockholm, Sweden will be releasing their newest, 5th studio album effort entitled ET EX on October 12th, 2018 via InsideOutMusic worldwide.

We asked guitarist Rasmus Booberg and bassist Gabriel Tapper about their influences, and they each replied with a record choice and a choice of book/documentary. Find out more here…

Henrik Palm – Many Days

Rasmus Booberg (guitar)

Henke manages to blend beautiful harmonies with ruthless emotional execution in a way i’ve rarely heard elsewhere. The album sounds a bit like a continuation of what he did in Pig Eyes but taken to a more melodic and melancholic place, a stupidly good rock-album.

Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

I’m going with the last book i’ve read. It’s both a spectacular depiction of an era and an adrenaline fueled, drug-romantic, adventure. Based on Thompson’s own experiences during a business-trip to Vegas in the 60s.

It struck me as a great summer-read, partly because it’s fairly short and light, but mostly because of the way it describes the terrible amount of abuse the human body and psyche can handle without failing completely. The level at which these individuals get down is both frightening and inspiring. And so, however rowdy things might get during your late youth here in Stockholm, you still have nothing on this gonzo journalist and his lawyer. A comforting observation when your body is bleeding from places it probably shouldn’t.

Cardiacs – Sing to God

Gabriel Tapper (bass)

I tend to mention Cardiacs whenever I get the chance, but there’s a perfectly good reason for that. They’re simply amazing. For those who have never heard them, they’re a British band, formed in 1977 by Tim Smith and his brother Jim. I’ve always preferred bands and artists who put melody before riffs, and Cardiacs is a perfect example of that. The Sing to God album is filled with breathtaking, peculiar melodies that sticks in your head forever. This sense of melody has inspired us as a band immensely.

Sök och du skall finna by Thomas Jackson

Sök och du skall fina is a short and inspiring documentary broadcasted only in Swedish that made an impact on me. Focusing on the separation of the outer and inner world, and how that separation limits us and shapes much of our current view of the world. In essence, I love how it questions how the Swedish Social Insurance Agency can be more real than Lothlorien?

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari‎

Along with the same thoughts I found Sapiens – by Yuval Noah Harari equally fascinating. The thing they have in common is the belief in the power of imagination no matter if it results in something physical or not. For me, being a very anti-hippie, fact based person this was a challenging and rewarding eye-opener.

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