Library Sounds by Patrick R. Pärk

Release date: September 28, 2018
Label: Castles in Space

A true hark back to the Seventies! That is what Denver, Colorado composer/electronics man Patrick R. Pärk has come up with on his debut Library Sounds. Library music was certainly invented earlier that the Seventies, but it is the decade when it was in full swing. It usually meant incidental music, recorded to be used with film soundtracks, radio shows, commercials…

But then Park adds another Seventies phenomenon – German electronic music, then dubbed ‘synthesiser rock’, although its then best-known exponent, Tangerine Dream, had very intentions to rock. Still, in contrast to library music, they made, and still make a bundle of money on it.

These days, both phenomena are known just as ambient, and ambient(s) is what Park is after. Coming up with this release on a Portuguese cassette label back in 2017 with a dazzling number of 50 tapes first, Park’s soundscapes got the attention of the UK label Castles in Space, who revived it on vinyl.

Smartly, the label added 8 tracks to 12 original ones for the digital release. Smartly, because, like those original Tangerine Dream or very early Popol Vuh albums, Parks comes with an almost never-ending, shifting loop of electronic loops, something The Orb or Ultramarine perfected back in The Nineties when this string of electronics came back into vogue. Splitting these tracks into one would be a shame, but taking out snippets for your documentary or a Facebook spot is a dream.

And it seems that is exactly what Park was aiming for, like passing through scenery that only shifts for a moment and then it is gone. Park has not only sussed completely all those sounds that have influenced him, but is also adept at creating dreamscapes, or “ambient desert soundscapes” as he calls them. Excellent for a lazy afternoon with your headphones on. You should mark it as such in your ‘library’.

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