Beastland by Author & Punisher

Release date: October 5, 2018
Label: Relapse Records

Angus Young and his SG. Paul Stanley and his Iceman. Tristan Shone and his machines. OK, so Tristan Shone (the sole creator behind Author & Punisher), is the odd one out, but the common factor is that each of these artists are associated with their particular brand of instruments. It is hard to talk about the man without talking about the machines. Tristan Shone, a former mechanical engineer, creates his own “drone machines” unique to each album’s vision.

Author & Punisher’s music is certainly not in the same vein as AC/DC or KISS’ upbeat rock. Beastland, is a nihilistic noisescape, hellbent on making the listener understand just what deep shit they are in. Tristan Shone has stated:

“I, as do many others, feel rage against the Beasts of our era: those who horde, who poison, or who discriminate. We need aggressive music to make an aggressive statement.”

Author & Punisher certainly achieve this aim and the listener is taken down a dark path of electronic noise and punishing rhythms. Author & Punisher has created an album full of expansive, and corrosive textures. There are many points of wonderful, skewed melodies that recall Trent Reznor at his finest. The first sensation upon listening to the album is nausea, mixed with paranoia. The steady pulsating of the drone machines is a constant in the background. They bring a unique perspective to the music.

To offset the abject terror of the drone machines, Author & Punisher delivers huge, fuzzed out grooves and, infrequent, huge choruses that keep you enthralled and help propel you through the aural dystopia.

Despite the oppressive atmosphere of the album, it entices you back for repeated listens, each more enriching than the last.

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