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I remember seeing Coilguns back in 2012 in Edinburgh at The Banshee Labyrinth, which at that time had a capacity of around 70. I had heard their EP Stadia Rods and was looking forward seeing the band live. The other thing I knew at the time is that the 3 members of the band were also involved in The Ocean. But what happened that night was not something I expected beforehand. Guitarist Jona Nido’s pedal board was so big, it barely fitted on the small Banshee Labyrinth stage. Drummer Luc Hess was pounding the drums hard, very very hard, but also extremely tight. And it was singer Louis Jucker who made sure every single person in the audience somehow got involved in the gig, by displaying one of the craziest amount of energy I had ever seen. I think he might have jumped on my shoulders from out of nowhere a good handful of times during that show. I later witnessed this all again in Tilburg at the Cul de Sac, where they played the sadly defunct Incubate Festival in 2014, where they again impressed me greatly. 

The band has since released a number of EPs and full lengths (Commuters in 2013 and Millennials this year, both albums are excellent btw) and has acquired a fourth member in Donatien Thiévent, who provides synths and backing vocals. 

How to best describe Coilguns? They definitely fall within the hardcore genre, but they are so much more than that. They are chaotic, technical, highly energetic and above all insanely good. They are about to hit the roads supporting Birds in Row and KEN mode on an extensive European tour (dates on the poster below). In anticipation for this tour Coilguns now release their new video for ‘Music Circus Clown Care’, which you can watch below.

Louis comments: “There’s so many easy ways to get money for music projects here in Switzerland! It sometimes gives us the feeling that us musicians are a protected species, close to extinction. Or cancer children facing institution clowns to help them accept that they wouldn’t be able to survive without medical help. Don’t get us wrong, we take good advantage of this luxury. But if I think too much about it, I always get what I call the funding blues. #withoutmeyournothing They help me put my shit together, institution clowns



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