A couple of weeks ago we saw My Baby absolutely tear it up in the rain at Boomtown Festival, attracting a sizeable crowd to shake their funky stuff in the mud to the band’s stoner disco grooves. 

With a new video just released & a new album on the horizon, we thought it an ideal time to grab the band and find out what influenced their superfun sound.

Robert Johnson – King of the Delta Blues Singers

Robert Johnson is a most pivotal blues influence because he was able to profoundly depict the struggle of human existence and describe in poetic imagery what that entailed for him personally.

Robert mastered a variety of styles that he copped off his contemporaries and fused them to form his own unique style. He took delta blues from the hill country and boogie from the city and laid down his own deeply personal lyrics. It’s where blues music becomes more than entertainment. It’s in part folk myth but Robert elevates his songs to become a form of art.

Sly and the Family Stone – There’s a Riot Going On

A work of genius. It’s gritty and dark, the antithesis of Sly’s previous albums which were influenced by the positivity of the love generation.

The inner struggle that Sly is going through is so poignant. That rawness of someone balancing on the edge of madness but just managing to keep it together.It’s harrowing and spellbinding at the same time.

That gritty atmosphere is aided by the ghostly tape hiss and slightly muffled use of early drum computer against hypnotic bass lines. The musical arrangements remain fresh and playful though and the buoyancy of uplifting gospel keeps popping up to counter the eerie darkness of Sly’s sardonic musings in songs like Family Affair and Runnin Away.

The Gospel According to the Staple Singers – The Staple Singers

1950’s recordings from The Staples is a collection of powerfully evocative and enchanting gospel traditionals. The guitar playing of Father Pops Staples is spooky and harks back to early country blues.

Then there is the majestic voice of Mavis who powerhouses through all the songs backed up by the brilliant harmonies of her siblings…

Truly humbling music.

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