Caligula’s Horse, a band at the forefront of Australia’s progressive rock scene, recently announced a European tour for October – November 2018 (see dates below). To coincide with this, InsideOut Music will issue the band’s first two albums, Moments from Ephemeral City and The Tide, the Thief & River’s End, on vinyl for the very first time on the 21st September 2018. Both will come as gatefold 180g black 2LP including the album on CD.

We asked drummer Josh Griffin about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most.

Tour dates:

Friday October 5 – Euroblast Festival, Cologne, Germany
Sunday October 7 – ProgPower Festival, Baarlo, Netherlands
Monday October 8 – Backstage, Paris, France
Tuesday October 9 – Ferrailleur, Nantes, France
Thursday October 11 – Mungirock Aretoa, Mungia (Bilbao), Spain
Friday October 12 – Very Prog Festival, Toulouse, France
Saturday October 13 – AMFest, Barcelona, Spain
Sunday October 14 – Nazca, Madrid, Spain
Monday October 15 – RCA Club, Lisbon, Portugal
Wednesday October 17 – KiFF Foyer, Aarau, Switzerland
Thursday October 18 – Legend Club, Milan, Italy
Saturday October 20 – Collosseum, Kosice, Slovakia
Sunday October 21 – Dürer Kert (Room 041), Budapest, Hungary
Monday October 22 – KSET, Zagreb, Croatia
Tuesday October 23 – Strahov 007, Prague, Czech Republic
Wednesday October 24 – Musik & Frieden, Berlin, Germany
Thursday October 25 – Headcrash, Hamburg, Germany
Saturday October 27 – Fangelset, Gothenburg, Sweden
Sunday October 28 – John Dee, Oslo, Norway
Monday October 29 – BETA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday October 30 – The Tube, Dusseldorf, Germany
Thursday November 1 – Boston Music Room, London, UK
Friday November 2 – Audio, Glasgow, UK
Saturday November 3 – Damnation Festival, Leeds, UK
Sunday November 4 – Mama Roux, Birmingham, UK
Monday November 5 – Star And Garter, Manchester, UK
Tuesday November 6 – The Lanes, Bristol, UK

Dream Theater – Scenes From A Memory

Every prog drummer has to have a Dream Theater album on their list right? Ha Ha! This was the first Dream Theater album I heard and to say it blew my mind is an understatement. It not only shaped my own playing style, it also completely redefined how I saw music. I always thought I had a very good grasp of musicality and songwriting, then, I heard ‘The Dance Of Eternity’. My jaw hit the floor. The sheer complexity and audacity of that song………it hurt my soul. That was also my introduction to Mike Portnoy as well, and he quickly became one of my biggest influences on my playing. What also got me was the concept and narrative of the album. I had never heard of the idea of a story being told over the course of an album. It truly changed my idea of what was possible as a writer and a performer, and that there was/is still so much room for experimentation and exploration within any genre of music. It also told me I needed to step up my game!

Muse  – Absolution

Muse. What else is there to say about them. Absolution was my introduction to them and…..HOLY HECKING HECK!! This album is huge. Epic, bombastic, emotional music always gets my attention, but nobody does it like these guys. The whole thing is an album of bangers. What struck me was the big riffs, big drops, big arrangements, but even the quiet tracks are epic. One of my earlier bands definitely tried to emulate (read: blatantly rip off lol) them, the style of this album in particular. It astounded me that they could write these larger than life songs within a pop structure, then throw in something experimental like ‘Butterflies & Hurricanes’. One thing I took from this album was the importance of the half-time feel. You listen to the chorus in ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ and try not to give yourself whiplash! No matter how many time I listen to this from top to bottom, it still gives me goosebumps.

Between The Buried And Me – Colors

I call this “The Kitchen Sink” album. This was a mind blowing achievement from start to finish. I love that no matter how many times I listen to this, I still have no idea where it’s going! I discovered BTBAM pretty late, but I’m glad I did. This album, like Scenes From A Memory, really opened my mind to exploration and experimentation in writing and playing. I really was inspired by how fearless they were when it came to writing this, and admire that they have not strayed from that path. Every album is fearless. And Blake Richardson’s playing is re-goddamn-diculous. Blast beats and fills for days. That opening 1-2 punch of ‘Foam Born (A)’ and ‘(B) The Decade of Statues’ has not been equaled. And any band that can work in a banjo breakdown at the end of a song gets all my votes!

Special mention must go to Toto IV. For ‘Rosanna’ and ‘Africa’. Enough said!

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