Featuring three current and former members of Kayo Dot, and frontman Chuck Stern (ex-Time of Orchids), Stern makes music that perplexes and haunts. Equally sweet and sour, with shades of Scott Walker, Craig Wedren, and Ennio Morricone, the sound has been labelled “pop music for Gorguts fans.” New album Missive: Sister Ships comes out August 24th on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia (pre-order here). The album was recorded by Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather Studios (DIIV, Liturgy), and mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering (Gang Gang Dance, Ornament).

We asked Chuck about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most during his musical career…

Godflesh – Selfless

This is still the scariest, brightest, most abstract yet menacing, all-embracing experience I’ve had on record. I remember getting it one Christmas in the ’90s (there’s something about Broadrick and Christmas) and it resonating deeply with me, shaking me to the core, embodying the hot sun on an icy day. Songs like ‘Mantra’ and ‘Body Dome Light’ exude such power and intelligence, such restraint, such funk…and I hate funk!

Cathy Dennis – Move to This

This one helped cement my idea of pop perfection, with its seductive twists and turns, candy hooks, and kaleidoscopic production. There’s a noirish vibe and an earnest desperation to Dennis’ voice that makes this territory kind of dangerous in a cinematic way. 

Dystopia – Human = Garbage

This is a masterpiece of dry humor, vicious angularity, and despondency. Songs plod, grind, splinter off into factions and war tribunals without a care in the world. Samples tether them to reality, barely. It’s one huge downer, but you’ll be glad you did.

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