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The first single of Asbest‘s new album, Driven, ‘They Kill’ is to be understood as an act of social criticism. The point is that there’s a tendency to make profit out of the good and the progressive, which can be understood on both economic and social levels. Shortcomings are artificially created to keep the machinery running. Think of modern slavery which produces goods for the West or low-wage labourers that pack and ship goods in wholesalers, to the many subcultures that are and have been dragged from the underground into the media spotlight only to be sucked dry. Everything to maximize their machinery of profit. In the song “They” being the denominator for “their”.

Asbest use different musical styles which share a certain aggressiveness. Post punk, noise rock and shoegaze are the cornerstones. This melange is an angry to desperate reaction to the general events of our time, but it also reflects Trachsel‘s personal experiences as a trans-woman in a cis- and heteronormative society. Accordingly, Asbest display an urgency and ennui that is omnipresent.

Driven will be released on September 28th through A Tree In A Field Records / Czar Of Crickets Productions (pre-order through here). Listen to ‘They Kill’ here:

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