You Took The Sun When You Left by Leeched

Release date: August 24, 2018
Label: Prosthetic Records

Manchester three piece Leeched turn out their debut album You Took The Sun When You Left and from start to finish it’s a massive collection of hardcore riffs, industrialised grind beats and blackened crust filth perfect for blowing any cobwebs away. Building from last year’s Nothing Will Grow From The Rotten Ground EP, it’s those riffs that grab you straight away.

Great, hulking slabs of noise that command your attention and combined with some strikingly dirty and outright formidable vocals and a mixture of focussed and discordant rhythms and you have a recipe for success. Leeched take the approach to go for the jugular from the start and don’t let up throughout the eleven tracks on You Took The Sun When You Lefts. As you listen to the whole album, you can’t help but be amused at the album being so perfectly titled as this is a record that is bereft of any happy or smiley thoughts, being that it is pure hatred, sorrow and catharsis incarnate throughout.

Tracks like ‘By The Factories’, and ‘Harrow The Pastures’ are perfect examples of the crushing, lurch of heaviness in the music of Leeched and have echoes of Godflesh in their execution of utter bleakness while the riffy ‘Hollow Point Weddings’ adds a bit more speed in a frantic fashion. ‘Born In Sand’, meanwhile, adds an air of both mystery and menace to proceedings before ‘Raised By Lead’ takes control with its sheer surge of metal riffage and blastbeats and all this and more adds up to a varied aural battering that is never anything less than total audio carnage.

As You Took The Sun When You Left concludes with the albums punishing title track and as the last riff rings out it is more than clear that Leeched have left their mark and are here stay.

With fellow UK heavy bands like Employed To Serve, Bossk, Conjurer and Svalbard and making well deserved waves, with this album Leeched will be sure to join them in gaining plaudits and gaining new fans whenever they play these songs live. This is heavy music done right, done with passion and done with the plan to make as much noise as possible, a plan they triumph with easily.

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