Burning Ad Infinitum: A Collaboration by Gnaw Their Tongues and Crowhurst

Release date: August 28, 2018
Label: Crown and Throne Ltd.

Genocidal Majesty has just been released followed by an EP shortly after, so you would assume that there would be no Gnaw Their Tongues release on the radar, not for a good few months anyway. But this is Mories we are talking about who it seems always has a horrific bullet or two in his gun, with over 100 albums, EPs, demos and splits and approximately 17 different bands to his name over the years, prolific is an understatement.

Crowhurst are a bit further in the depths of the underground, but no less brilliant, and a band I have been listening to for a good few years now. Crowhurst is the brainchild of Jay Gambit, with around 70+ releases of noise and atmospheric wizardry. Sometimes solo artist, sometimes a full band, but always creating, he puts out release after release focusing on many sub-genres of noise music. Burning Ad Infinitum: A Collaboration is the latest and a long awaiting team-up with Mories.

Opening track ‘Nothing’s Sacred’ sets the tone right off the bat with a heavily distorted drone and ominous surges of noise randomly picking their moments to harshly shudder your ears. Whilst there is not too much to this track its audial disturbance is enough to keep the nails digging in for its nine minute length.


The awesome ‘Speared Martyrs’ opens with industrial tension, fuzzing, grating noise all building to a salvo of raw blast beats and vocal vitriol in a song that would grace any GTT album. Interesting touches like the tinkling of cymbols and colliding ever-growing blasting against dulcet background noise make a textured contrast evident of a commendable collaboration. Track three and the shortest of the four ‘The Blinding Fury Of Suffering’ goes all out for frights with its terrifying wall of industrial ear candy. Piercing droning, machine-like thuds and guitar feedback form the guts of this auditory monster as nightmarish abominations bellow from voids unseen.

Joining Mories and Gambit on the final track are Ryan Wilson of The Howling Void and Andy Curtis-Brignell of Caïna, and you can certainly feel their prescence. ‘The Divinity Of Our Great Perversions’ launches into a punky blast and groove number after a teaser of intro static. There are many aspects of this album to shout proud about but this track stands as the defining moment, the blood-red cherry on top, leading you blindly in darkness through various genres of hideous unsettling noise, doom-laden beats and viscious blackened percussion as well as boasting lightning drums and sporadic moments of raging Plasmodium-esque high riffage, this track tears through conventional and unconventional metal to forge a grandiose creature. At fifteen minutes this final nightmare is a formidable beast by size and breadth and displays the best of both collaborators atrocities.

The thing about this release is that it is a collaboration, an entirely different beast to a standard split release that both these bands are very familiar with. The four tracks on display here are so well conceived that it doesn’t feel like you’re listening to two separate entities merely contributing but instead one very unified unit giving a masterclass in noise terror. Mories and Gambit have forged an alliance that the world needs to hear more of and Burning Ad Infinitum is a testament to the craft, hard work and devotion these two men put into the genre.

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