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“And now for something completely different.” Leaving behind their fun-loving past, Wellington’s Tuscoma are turning over a new leaf and tapping into blistering blackened punk. The New Zealand duo have pieced together a raging debut album in Arkhitecturenominus, and will be touring in support of it through their home country, UK, and Europe through August, September and October.

They carry with them a series of commendable accolades – during the band’s (at the time a trio) time under the name Hollywoodfun Downstairs, they racked up several impressive feats, not least playing 500 shows in 5 years, and 60% of them in Europe. Fiercely DIY in approach, this determination enabled them to play with such diverse names as Le Butcherettes, Buzzcocks, and Closet Disco Queen. Tuscoma looks set to continue that trend – albeit more refined in genre pickings – as barnstormer shows with Wiegedood and Belphegor are already under their belts. A change in name does not mean a change in momentum, however, and Tuscoma are set to engrave their place in the world.

Arkhitecturenominus is being released by Antena Krzyku Records on vinyl and Muzai Records on CD for UK and NZ only on August 16th 2018. Gary Davidson said in his Echoes and Dust review of the album: “Arkhitecturenominus is a snappy and ferocious piece of work, for two guys there is a lot going on but the ideas are driven with conviction and executed with battering precision.”

Listen to the album in full here:

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