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Pascagoula will be a relatively unknown band on the UK’s underground music scene, but with their new album The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath this will hopefully change. This 4-piece from Brighton delivers some of the filthiest noise rock we’ve heard in a while, which also dips in the sludgier and doomier territories. Think of a sludgier Jesus Lizard for example. The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath is full of beautiful distorted dissonance, dirty riffs, great unhinged vocals and a bass sound that would make Steve Albini very proud indeed. 

The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath will be released on September 1st on vinyl by the excellent underground filth label Dry Cough Records (pre-order your copy here or directly from the band here). Ahead of this release date we’re proud to bring you the full stream of the album exclusively here:

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