Have A Nice Trip by Evil Triplet

Release date: July 20, 2018
Label: Super Secret Records

Texas, home of Roky Erickson and 13th Floor Elevators, where the birth pangs of psychedelic music coalesced into a musical art-form. For all its image of rich oil barons and big hats, there is a lively streak of tripped out weirdness emanating from this State, possibly due to a rebellion against said oil barons. The music may have changed over the years, and Roky became the hardcore punk movement of the 80’s, but now the psych is back, in the form of Evil Triplet. This time born out of the ashes of hardcore punk, weirdly.

Fronted by Steve Marsh of 80’s punks Terminal Mind, the harshness of that scene is lost in a tripped out exploration of music with new band Evil Triplet. Sounding seemingly like just another stoner rock band, it soon becomes apparent that there is a ruthless psychedelic streak to this band as the music takes ever stranger corners from where each song starts.

Titles like ‘Space Kitten’ don’t fill you with much hope, but to stereotype them is to lose out on half the fun. Yes, they are tongue in cheek, but within that is a sense of fun which makes the album such a great listen. It’s hardly ever going to change the scene, but as you are jamming along to ‘Aren’t You Experienced’, a song which crosses Hendrix with Weezer, you kind of lose any inhibitions and just jam along. It’s an imperfect ride, filled with lots of fun.

The Hawkwind is strong in this band too, as the beginning of ‘Open Heart’ churns out its riff before descending into some bubbling noise. ‘Pyramid Eye’ descends into a morass of anonymity though, and although you can hear the screaming desperation, it simply falls short. A nice shift into lysergic guitar territory is not enough to rescue it from the doldrums. Final rack ‘Aparition’ is much better though, ending the album on a high.

Whilst this album is fun enough, and worth a few repeated listens, there is little here of any circumstance that makes you want to return too often. The finger is well and truly on the pulse of psychedelia and for a quick, heady trip you can’t go far wrong. If you are looking very anything substantial you may be caught short here though. A fun and engaging listen, up to a point.

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