The Callas hail from Athens, Greece where they are the tip of an artistic collective producing music, artworks, films, magazines, events, art shows, initiated by the brothers Lakis & Aris Ionas. 

The group have worked with the legendary Lee Ranaldo on the soundtrack of their new feature film “The Great Eastern” and on their new full-length album, “Trouble and Desire” which is due for release on October, 26th 2018 on Inner Ear and Dirty Water Records.

Much intrigued by all of this, we asked the band to pick the three pieces of music, art & literature that have influenced them most & received some fascinating selections.

Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

That’s what psyche pop means / It’s like getting into a maze, vivid colors all around, flashes, cartoons, drugs and all kind of weird sex / it’s not a book, it’s like hearing a new world, it’s an ongoing loose relationship / it’s a virus (in a Burroughsian term) camping, drinking, smoking, singing inside your brain.

Leningrad Cowboys by Aki Kaurismaki

That’s the band / That’s rock ‘n’ roll / That’s tour and how depressing and tiring and exciting touring is / That’s what “hope” means to every gang dreaming of playing their music, making the girls and the boys cry, drinking till the end of the world / That’s a sign that dark humor can heal our souls.

Fountain by Marcel Duchamp

That’s what art does to our brains / That’s the grandfather of the Velvets, Wire, Captain Beefheart, The Fall, Teenage Jesus and The Jerks etcetc  / That’s a kick in the ass that makes you wanna go forward, open your mind and blow your certainties.

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