Pound by Pound

Release date: July 13, 2018
Label: Silent Pendulum Records

Pound are a two-piece band hailing from Seattle. Their musical set up consists of a 9-string baritone guitar and two drum kits positioned at a 90-degree angle. There is a certain uniqueness to Pound’s sound: massive octave riffs colliding with a huge drum sound.

Pound claim a wide range of influences, from the full-on grind of Nasum to the slow, stoner riffs of Sleep. This range of influences can certainly be heard since the band flit between trebly grind assaults, math-metal labyrinthian guitar lines, and massive groovy passages.


Pound are obviously technically talented, but their formula doesn’t always hit its mark. The band frequently employ massive grooves which sound like Primus jamming Sleep songs, and this is where Pound really find their sweet spot. The band know how to lock in a groove yet know how to modify it constantly to keep the listener locked in with the band.

Pound counter the lack of low end with the use of extended range instruments and sub-octave pedals. Unfortunately, the band frequently stray into trebly math-metal passages. In a full band context these passages can maintain a sense of heft, but on Pound the sound becomes shrill and the absence of bass is noticeable.

That’s not to say that the trebly parts aren’t good, but they leave the song integrity compromised.

The grind elements too, seem wedged into songs in a forceful manner, rather than coming from an organic song structure.

Though Pound struggle occasionally with the constraint of a two-piece, there is an obvious well of talent in the band. This being their debut, shows a lot of promise for the future, and Pound certainly has a lot of elements to recommend it.

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