Driving Me Stoned by Parades Against Parades

Release date: July 31, 2018
Label: Cardinal Fuzz

For the lovers of all things psych, the key question is not how many releases the Cardinal Fuzz Label will put out this year. The question is how many REALLY GOOD releases will the label be able to put out in the shortest period possible.

The answer seems to be open for now, because here comes yet another one – Parades Against Parades and their Driving Me Stoned album! This time around it seems the fuzzers went crate digging somewhere in Saskatoon, Canada. Not into those old, old, boxes, but those of some ten to fifteen years ago and have come up with this goody.

Actually, the didn’t have to go to those older boxes to get the sound that might have been expected to fifty, forty, thirty or even twenty years back. You see, Parades Against Parades seem to have decided to cover the whole ground – from the originals, ‘Exile On Main Street’ -era Stones, ‘White Light/White Heat” -era Velvets and their compatriot Neil Young’s in his more electrified moments, to those covering the ground later on, from Spacemen 3 and Pussy Galore to Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Sure, you can go for ‘the originals’ but why bother? Parades Against Parades cover the whole territory in a bit over forty minutes, presenting us with a sort of listeners digest of loud, brash, punky psychedelia all in one swoop.

Whether it is is the slow burn of the opener ‘Heading Up To Head Down’ or the real burn of the title track, or the great riffs of ‘Love’s Addiction’, Parades against Parades have got ‘that sound’ down to a pat, and their “I don’t care if you’ve heard it before” attitude works, because they not only know what they’re doing but they do it in such a great, cool manner, making you wonder what they put in the food and drink up there in Saskatoon!

Cardinal Fuzz does it yet again.

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