You Will Know Nothing by Here Lies Man

Release date: June 15, 2018
Label: RidingEasy Records

The premise is simple and intriguing, what would happen if you fused hefty Black Sabbath style riffs with Afro-beat rhythms? Here Lies Man, featuring members of Antibalas, self-titled 2017 debut indeed answered such thoughts with fussy riffs, busy grooving backbeats, and splattering of keyboards for riffy psych you can dance to. It’s successor You Will Know Nothing see the band continue to deftly explore this formula albeit with a sense of progressing the idea a little bit further.

The grooves are still the driving force but while hotwired Sabbathian riffs continue to rip on ‘Animal noises’ and ‘Summon fire’ there are signs of Here Lies Man are moving beyond the original idea. Incorporating an ancient organizing rhythmic principle developed in Africa known as the clave, which corresponds to a set of mathematical algorithms coincides with a greater endorcement of keyboards, repetitive chants of song titles, which oscillates an immersive trance like quality in a not too dissimilar quality as Swedish psych master groovers Goat.

If the technicalities sound confusing and far too muso, fear not, as it transpires into a sound which is, fundamentally, richly groove-laden. ‘Fighting’, ‘Hell (wooly tail)’, ‘Blindness’, ‘Taking the blame’, all have the necessary fussy drenched thick riffs supported by busy sounding rhythms to shake your tail feather along to. Aside from a slowing down of the tempo on ‘Voices at the window’, and the closing ambient meditation of ‘you ought to know’ it is an album which is pretty much a hit the play button and proceed to acquire that 30 minutes’ exercise a day for good health.

Here Lies Man have a sound one presumes is a must see live experience but You Will Know Nothing is more than just tick another box on the genre fusion now been done list. They nudge further in the right direction of not just owning the sound but prove there is room for exploring it even further.

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