Loomer by Echolust

Release date: June 29, 2018
Label: Cleopatra Records

Echolust is a Long Beach dark wave project that has religiously studied the 80s post punk playbook, and they mine it marvellously. Though The Psych Furs aren’t listed as an influence, I sure can hear that in a big way on the terrific, driving ‘Barons In the Skies’.

It’s in the guitars, and permeates the mix, and I adore the retro but modern kick of this tune, complete with up front drum machines. Hearing the thick, rubbery bass lines and buzzing walls of feedback, it’s hard to imagine only three guys make this level of noise and artistry.

The production is clean and bristling with energy, and it suits these tunes perfectly. I also love ‘Superposition’ with synth pop underlying waves of shimmering guitar. Featuring guest vocalist Krissy Vanderwoude of Whimsical, it’s both gorgeous and a heady mixture of light and dark sonic patterns.

‘The Last Tide’ has deep wells of reverb and dense layers of sound, and hooks that will smite you as it envelops you. “Soho Sun” teeters between dream pop and synth pop and reminds me the most of early New Order. ‘Sometimes’ is an MBV cover, and the final tune ‘Sabi Said’ is jubilant shoegaze, a sonic bloom of color with a slow cadence. It caps off the record nicely!

Very good work from these CA folks, and I hope to see much more from them looking forward.

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