Beautiful Ruin by Converge

Release date: June 29, 2018
Label: Epitaph / Deathwish Inc.

Short and sweet, is how some people might describe an EP that has a run time of under six minutes, but there is nothing sweet about Converge.

On Beautiful Ruin, Converge continue delivering their metallic, noisy, hardcore par excellence. It is hard to pick a single song since they all deliver a short, sharp shock and this EP easily entices you back to listen to it repeatedly over the course of a day.

In the course of a blistering six minutes Converge do what they do best: intricate, sharp, guitar lines underpinned by a brutal rhythm section and Jacob Bannon’s caustic roar permeating the depths of the listener’s soul.

In these six minutes, Converge get through more riffs than some bands do in their whole careers. This is an excellent addition to the brutality delivered by Converge’s last full length The Dusk in Us.

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