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Since debuting in 2011 with Heimat, SVIN has made their mark on the international music-scene with four albums and a fifth one in the making. SVIN recorded their latest critically acclaimed album, Missionær (2016), in the legendary Sundlaugin studios in Iceland with massive inspiration from the epic surroundings. A new, darker synthetic sound took the band in a new direction and laid out a new course that is being explored in the work with the coming release. SVIN creates pulsating freeform rock with layers of narco-folklore, punk and doom.

In the aftermath of the release of Missionær, SVIN performed at the prestigous Roskilde Festival in 2017 and have during recent years toured extensively all over Europe, Russia and The Balkans as well as working with films and dance. September 21st 2018 the band will release their fifth album, Virgin Cuts, on Mom Eat Dad Records.

We’re now premiering the video for ‘Cuts’, which you can watch below. The band comments: “Cuts marks the first release of music from SVIN as a trio. It is the first single of their forthcoming album Virgin Cuts out September 21st. The video depicts the archaic tale of decay and lust that man has struggled with forever and the song reflects the dark vibes of the dystopic underworld as dracula-chords from the keyboard merges with almost hip-hoppy drumbeat and psychedelic guitar-patterns. The video is the second in a trilogy with the third and last coming in late 2018, and draw clear references to the first video featuring the song ‘Maharaja’ from 2015.”


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