Monster Magnet at The Garage, Glasgow

Support: Table Scraps| ¡Pendejo!
June 1, 2018 at The Garage, Glasgow

I had to dig up my collection of old gig tickets to find out when I had seen Monster Magnet live for the last time, which was in June 2004 at Tivoli Utrecht in the Netherlands. The band played a warm-up show for the back then up-and-coming Roadburn Festival, but for some reason I have no recollection of this gig. It was a very stressful time for me I remember, as I was finishing my PhD degree, so the gig probably just didn’t register. The time I do remember seeing Monster Magnet goes back a bit more, which was in 1998 at the Lowlands Festival, again in the Netherlands, where they played a good set especially taking into consideration the mixed audience that used to go to Lowlands back in those days. Now 20 years later I am seeing the band only for the third time, this time in Glasgow at the Garage.

On their European tour they’ve taken Dutch stoner rockers ¡Pendejo! with them as support, a band I had never seen before, but being Dutch myself I was very excited to see them open up for Monster Magnet in my newly adopted home country. This band is not just your generic stoner band regurgitating all the Kuyss riffs over and over again, as they include trumpet and trombone as additional instruments besides the more general line-up of bass, drums and guitar, plus they sing completely in Spanish. And guess what? It works a treat. Sadly the majority of the crowd was only really coming into the venue towards the end of ¡Pendejo!’s set, but those who were there were enjoying the catchy stoner grooves and riffs a lot. They will do well when they ever come back to Scotland for sure!

Next up was a band of a slightly different calibre, at least on paper, Table Scraps from Birmingham. I was initially taken back by their different style of music, something I was not expecting at a Monster Magnet gig, but their mix of psychedelic garage rock gradually hammered home throughout their short set, making loads of the people smile and dance and getting properly warmed up for Dave Wyndorf and colleagues. One thing I noticed as a bit odd was the use of a 12 string electric guitar (a very beautiful looking guitar by the way), which frontman Scott Vincent Abbott was using to great extent. It’s always a good sign when you see a support band and you make a mental note to check their music out at a later stage.

After a short break the Space Lord himself finally got on stage with his band of eclectic rockers. First impression, Dave looked well and very fit and very energetic, which is quite amazing considering the man has passed into his 6th decade of life and he’s had quite the rock ‘n’ roll life as well! Monster Magnet has always done extremely well in Scotland and the band had played Glasgow loads as well, and the crowd was up their feet dancing straight away from the moments the opening tones of ‘Dopes to Infinity’ kicked off their set. What followed was an evening of classics and new songs from their latest album Mindfucker. The new material went down great, but it really was the classics like ‘Look to Your Orb for the Warning’, ‘Powertrip’ and of course ‘Space Lord’ that really got the biggest crowd response. There’s simply nothing better than hearing a good couple of hundred people shouting “Space Lord Motherfucker!!” on the top of their lungs!

All in all this was a brilliant gig, with all 3 bands playing solid sets, full of energy, riffs, sweat and rock! Next time Monster Magnet plays Scotland again (which will most likely be at the Garage as usual), I’ll make sure I’m there again.

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