Your Fanatic / Songs in the Dark by Felix Hagan and the Family

Release date: June 13, 2018
Label: Debt Records

After Felix Hagan and the Family (FHaF) dropped Attention Seeker late last year I have been waiting on tenterhooks for more material from this band that I only discovered recently and have fallen for hard. What you get with FHaF is maybe best described as fun pop-fuelled rock and roll, all built on a foundation of incredible musical talent. And while fun is definitely at the heart of what they do, there is always a lot of substance there too. Basically if you haven’t heard them yet then just stop reading this review, go and listen and thank me later.

By now you should probably be able to appreciate how excited I was to find that FHaF have just released some new material in the form of a short EP. Your Fanatic / Songs In The Dark contains just these two title songs, but there is a lot to enjoy here.

These two songs seem to indicate a slight shift in style, with both of the new songs displaying a lot of maturity and restraint in their writing and execution. ‘Your Fanatic’ is a story of love/need with upbeat music featuring piano, xylophone and some really nice, almost Spanish sounding, guitar in one section (there might be a more accurate technical term here!). As with all of this band’s songs, it draws you in and you float along with it, feeling content and happy. ‘Songs in the Dark’ on the other hand strikes a more serious note, slowly moving forward and building, continuously and subtly building to a finale which showcases Felix, Ellie and Tash’s incredible vocal ranges perfectly. Each time this song finishes I have to just sit in silence for a minute or two, it really is that powerful. I continue to love this band’s work and heartily recommend that you get on board their crazy train to fun town.

P.S. bring glitter, lots of glitter!

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