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London heavy contingent Limb set the controls for the heart of the sun with their third record on New Heavy Sounds.

Saboteurs of the Sun sees Limb hurl themselves skyward to discover new worlds within the riff–time continuum. Building on their previous two records, which positioned Limb in the thick of the UK heavy fuzz scene, the band now move beyond their sludge–doom origins to explore a cosmos of bubbling synthesizers, screaming organs, ecstatic choirs and galaxies of wild unidentified sounds. Andy Little said in his review of the album “They have just added some extra external vision, bite, and a harder straightforward punky spirit wrapping around the inner, hard, chewy sludge centre. It is Limb’s most consistent and satisfying album to date.”

The album is out now and available for order through here. On August 12th Limb will play at the Bloodstock Open Air festival. Check out the new video for ‘Survival Knife’, which was directed by Stefan Abingdon, here:


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