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“It was meant to be a mess, like a beautiful cacophany. A nightmarish sea of roiling feedback drones dressed up as art in the mundane clothes of the everyday shit you pass by, but don’t really see… and hell, everybody had heard of us!” recalls Rafe of JCDX///.

Originally conceived not as a band but an ARTNoise project titled “JC Decaux”, a very polite cease-and-desist from one very large and very well known advertising company helped galvanise Rafe (guitars, noise) and Pete (drums) into exploring the sentiments more musically. They soon recruited Michael Feerick (bass, noise) and leisurely evolved into a riff-driven, experimental noise band with occasional songs. 

JCDX/// present an unsettling but rewarding aesthetic. Employing dissonance, repetition,  tension and release over simple structures they try not to over think the music whilst still indulging themselves and the audience.

In recording they aim for live capture, relying on sheer volume, a good room, and a sensitive engineer; all of which they found in Joff Spittlehouse. Joff’s straightforward scientific aesthetic suited the bands simplistic approach to what should and can constitute a “song” or an “album”. Freed of any desire or need to conform JCDX/// rely on their gut feelings to help inform the pieces which leads to a more challenging, but ultimately cathartic experience for all involved.

Once described as one of the hardest bands to find on the internet, JCDX/// are not necessarily interested in the online interactions of today’s bright young things, only the interactions between each other and the instruments. 

After all, there are no rules.

JCDX/// will release their full length album reka on July 20th through Chain Letter. Listen to the track ‘May A Chopper Cleave Your Dog Of A Head’ here:


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