On May 11 Soft Kill will release their new album Savior through Profound Lore Records. Savior is the follow up album to 2016’s critically acclaimed Choke. Soft Kill have matured into a melodic powerhouse; effortlessly blending genres, Tobias Grave’s emotionally raw storytelling is the foundation for the layer upon layer of pop perfection and spiralling gloom. Whilst straddling multiple genres, the band don’t shy away from being simply an alternative rock band. 

We asked Tobias about the 3 records that have influenced him the most in his musical career. 

Angelic Upstarts – Reason Why?

Anthemic street punk with new wave leanings and the poetic musings of Mensi. Always viewed them as the Smiths to Blitz’s Joy Division. Does that even make sense? Game changing band.

Suede – Suede

The band Pulp wished they were. Brit pop at it’s most epic and emotional, a fully realized and perfected masterpiece.

Guided By Voices – Propeller

Pop bliss, lo-fi chaos. A guidebook to some, myself included, the Beatles through the rust belt grinder that paved the way for punk many years prior. So hard to pick just one album, but we already know ‘Alien Lanes’ is perfect and this album features my favorite cut ‘Exit Flagger’. 

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