‘Puppet’ is the second single from Simple Answers, the solo debut album by Charlie Looker (Psalm Zero, ex-Extra Life, ex-ZS).

“Lyrically, ‘Puppet’ could be seen as a companion piece to the album’s first single ‘Ritual Fire’. Both songs are about addiction and fascist brainwashing. But while ‘Ritual Fire’ was more fatalistic, maniacally imploring these dark forces to just consume humanity and get it over with, ‘Puppet’ is more defiant. There’s more of a line-drawing, “Just Say No” attitude. Musically, this track has a marked rap/R&B influence, which I didn’t initially intend, but it just came out that way and I love it.” says Charlie of the track.

Simple Answers will be available on June 15 2018 as a beautiful double LP and it can be preordered here. Meanwhile, have a listen to this.

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