i by Healers

Release date: April 27, 2018
Label: Ingrown Records

In this day and age of information glut, nay over glut, artists, and labels, it could be just artists posing as labels (possible and impossible in this case, since we’re talking 33 releases so far), limiting written information and letting ‘music speak for itself’ could be just a way to make listeners concentrate on what they’re hearing but it could be just slack.

The Healers, which in this case is Will from Goat Lightning, The Goat, Earth Tones and Also Den, have this to say about themselves (himself) and their album i— Think if Sonic Boom, Avey Tare, and Tim Hecker made a cassette tape together, then smashed it, threw it outside and left it in the cold overnight, Now put it into your tape deck with the twigs and dirt still fresh on it; this is Healers’ “i”.— They do have a video of an album track, so I guess no lacking in question.

Actually, quite close, but not close enough! While giving this album another run, I had a guy operating a drill and an electric saw intermittently, so I didn’t need an old tape recorder with twigs and dirt. Turned out better. Will, or Healers in this case, actually goes back even further – think the best moments of ‘Faust Tapes’ (all moments) and you’re much closer with this sonic experiment that goes all directions, gathers them, and then makes another run at it.

From the John Cage electronic experiments, Sixties psych and folk, through to today’s drone variations and found sounds (late Holger Czukay would also be proud), Will’s got it all crammed in less than 25 minutes, making sure you got the right dose and making you crave for more at the same time.

So, I guess, no more information is needed anyway.

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