Legion of Andromeda Bismuth by Legion of Andromeda and Bismuth

Release date: May 25, 2018
Label: At War With False Noise

Great split from two distinctive bands from the extreme underground on opposite sides of the world. Nottingham duo Bismuth‘s contribution is one long doomy track, which rumbles along intently for 13 minutes, the drums pulling along at a more energetic pace than some of their prior drone-doom outings and the vocals powerfully gruff and guttural. The track is still founded upon smoking amp-henge ritualistics though, with a great spacious feel like waves crashing inside a cave. The early grumbling riff builds up to a seesawing peak which then introduces another vocal style to match the growling screech, this time an airier wail, with the band perhaps having taken notes from Monarch!’s wild doom screams and unearthly cries. A great development from a band always worth watching.

Legion of Andromeda are complete lunatics. I saw them play with Ommadon last time they came past and the levels of genuinely bizarre heaviness that took place made a severe impression. Their two tracks here are if anything, even more far out than previous releases, perhaps due to the unsettlingly animalistic vocals that are added over the industrial pummeling, overheated-engine fume-sludge of the distorted guitar and distinctive anvil klang percussion. I’ve never heard anything that so strongly evokes the perverse, dystopian fantasy of industrialisation that JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson hinted at in describing wizard-gone-bad Saruman’s evil schemes of fire and alchemy.

Basically for both of the tracks, there’s a sort of relentlessly, aggressively simple beat which has the feel of caterpillar tracks on a particularly angry tank, driving muddily over your face. To this is added churning, toxically distorted guitar noise and the wildest vocals I’ve heard in a long while, coupled simultaneously with an obsessive percussion smashing of a crowbar against a lamppost. My colleague described it as putting her in mind of a robot dog that has contracted some electronic form of rabies in an industrial crime dungeon. Absurdly, laughably heavy, this is exhilarating stuff.

Buy the tape soon from At War With False Noise, and while you’re there get yourself a whole bunch of other extreme sounds, including Legion of Andromeda’s previous activities.

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